Myself, my husband Joshua and our daughter Kira
Myself, my husband Joshua and our daughter Kira

My name is Dinah Berch and I live in Quincy, MA with my husband Joshua, our daughter Kira and a cat. I am a freelance web manager with a specialty in WordPress and SquareSpace websites. I volunteer my skills for the Quincy Moms Meetup Group and Congregation Beth Shalom of the Blue Hills. When I’m not planning playdates for local moms or keeping the toddler out of the pantry (“No, Kira, flour is not a toy!”), I’m building websites.

I have over five years of experience as a webmaster for nonprofits.

I pride myself in the ability to help clients’ determine their needs, find the right tools for each job, and build beautiful websites that speak to each client’s unique brand and personality.

I have over five years of experience as a webmaster for nonprofits. In that capacity I have managed third party vendors, lead website redesigns, been involved in extensive rebranding exercises, managed content campaigns including social media marketing and advertising, organized donor databases and analyzed online giving campaigns. More recently I have launched a freelance business creating small websites for clients including a restaurant, lawyers, midwives and a synagogue.

For most of my clients I assist or consult in all online matters, from choosing a registrar and hosting package to designing and launching their website to running a blog or social media campaigns. I create training manuals as needed. I also draw up analytics reports in order to help my clients understand their performance and find ways to improve. My goal is always to bridge the gap between the technical vendors and my less technical colleagues or clients to help projects run smoothly. I can adapt to use whichever platform a client prefers or that we agree is best for the job; I am proficient in Drupal, WordPress and SquareSpace and have had opportunities to work with a variety of other CMS platforms.

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I love the challenge of grappling with a new platform to see how it works and what it can do. Different platforms are right for different clients and projects, depending on how much control  and flexibility you want versus a clean, standardized or templated layout and design. Some websites serve as an online resume or calling card. Others offer a service or benefit, resources or supplemental information. Whatever your need, I can help you create and maintain the website that’s right for you.

Oh, and in my spare time, I make over 45 flavors of fudge and have a terrible addiction to food blogs.

My secret obsession: CSS animations

Every website needs: Clean information architecture. And maybe nice hover effects. 😉

Favorite resources: Hubspot, Social Media Today,, Code School, Code Academy, General Assembly

Platform of choice: I’m tech agnostic! I love Drupal, but I also enjoy working with WordPress, Squarespace, or whatever makes the most sense for the client and project.

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